Bucking bars | dollies

RJD Bucking Bars or Dollies are precision made to your exact specifications. Manufactured from high tensile metals, usually Tungsten Carbide, they are hard enough to resist indentations and dense enough to absorb vibrations.

Select from a wide range of materials, shapes sizes, weight and density-dependent on your particular application to develop the perfect dolly to improve operator safety and production

The term bucked comes from a name for one of the two parts of a rivet. The head of the rivet is one part and is the part that the air-hammer strikes. The other part is referred to as the bucktail and is the part that the bucking bar is held against.


At RJD our aim is to focus resources on total quality. Not just a plan to limit defects and errors to an acceptable level, but a complete commitment and participation from both our employees and suppliers to continually improve.

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