dpthm Two Handed Router

RJD DPTHM Two Handed Router

The RJD DPTHM TWO HANDED ROUTER improves operator safety with its unique two button design as it will not function UNLESS both hands are holding the machine.

Designed to provide the HIGHEST health and safety standards


Manufactured in the UK


  • Unique Two Handed Operation
  • CE Marked
RJD Manufacturing DPTHM | Two Handed Router
Part number DPTHM
Description Two Handed Router
Motor 10T4318-62
Operating Pressure

90 psi

Response Time < 0.5 seconds
Noise 94.9 dB
Vibration A(8) 8.3m/s
Weight  5.1kg (11.24 lbs)
Speed  18,000 rpm
Residual Energy 2 seconds
Rundown Time 2 seconds
Recommended Set-up Height Normal workbench height


Dust Extractor

Optional dust extractor for added safety.


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Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme