Aerospace Engineers

RJD Manufacturing Nominated for a Chairman’s Award

The RJD Manufacturing Development Engineers have been nominated for a coveted BAE Systems Chairman’s Award.

Over the years RJD have worked closely with TEAMS from across BAE Systems to improve safety and productivity across a range of aircraft assembly and production..

When we were approached to help improve the operating of a positioning jig on the Hawk Jet Line, our development engineers got to work straight away.

The JIG was operated by a HEAVY IMPACT WRENCH that caused high Vibration and Noise levels, as well as requiring the operator to reach out over a ledge to operate the jig.

Our DESIGN ENGINEERS developed a bespoke drive unit that is fixed permanently to the jig and is now operated via a PNEUMATIC PENDANT CONTROL.

The completed drive has massively improved operator COMFORT and SAFETY whilst reducing VIBRATION and NOISE.

To learn more about our BESPOKE TOOL DESIGN SERVICE call us on 01772 557700

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